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About Beldanga

Beldanga is a municipality town in Murshidabad District of West Bengal. It comes under Barhampur sub division, one of the 5 sub divisions of Murshidabad District. The town boosts fairly acceptable standard of infrastructure in many key areas and therefore can be termed as decently developed town. One can find presence of basic utility services in this developing city of West Bengal.

About Beldanga
Beldanga Municipality

History of Beldanga

Beldanga’s history runs parallel with history of entire Murshidabad, which actually is one of the most important historical regions of our country. Murshidabad was administrative and political seat of the great Nawab of Bengals, who ruled entire Bengal Subha from 1717 to 1765. In those days Bengal Subha constituted not just of present day West Bengal but also present day Bihar and Orissa state. Despite the fact that Nawab of Bengal’s rule over Bengal region lasted only for very brief period, but during their brief period they transformed entire Bengal Subha into one of the richest and powerful subhas of our country. Therefore not surprisingly Britishers first cast their eyes on all powerful Bengal Subha. They knew it very well that once Bengal is under control, entire India would come within its grasp. Well, that’s what exactly happened when Britishers defeated Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah (the then Nawab of Bengal) in historical Battle of Plassey in 1757. Now coming back to Beldanga, then for this small town to even be scarcely associated with such a historical region should be matter of great pride for its local people. After all, Nawab of Bengals and their entire history is remembered with great reverence even today.

Administration in Beldanga

All the civic responsibilities of the town is looked after by Beldanga Municipality, one of the two municipalities of Barhampur sub division. The other being Barhampur Municipality. Established in 1981, this municipality apart from rendering basic responsibilities is continuously working to make Beldanga an economically self sufficient city. However, here we only shed light on its basic responsibilities, which are as follows: supplying drinking water to all households, constructing new roads, maintenance of sewerage and street light, collecting property tax etc.

Beldanga Municipality
Station Road, Ward No. 5, Beldanga, West Bengal 742133, India
Monday-Friday- 10 AM - 5.30 PM
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Economy of Beldanga

Profile of BeldangaBeldanga boosts a mixed economy, where agricultural sector as well as industrial sectors play duly important role, but agricultural sector surely has a more dominant share. Talking specifically about industrial sector, then Beldanga has a dedicated industrial area, which is one of the three industrial areas operating in Murshidabad District. However, most of the industries operating in Beldanga Industrial area and all its adjoining villages are mainly small scale industries. Compositions of these industries are as follows: Agro based industries, oil mills, food processing unit , Jute base industries, Handloom, Tannery, Gold smith, Bidi industries and Wood based industries etc. The local service sector here though makes up a very small part of the economy, but still generates considerable revenue and employment for locals here. Beldanga’s miniscule service sector is mostly made up of banking industry, health industry, retail industry and sizeable pool of self employed professionals.

C.M.S. Industries
Address: Beldanga, Murshidabad – 742133
Phone no: +(91)-3482-264127, 264909

Shth Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Village+Post - Kazisaha, Police Station-Beldanga, District - Murshidabad, Beldanga - 742133

Transportation in Beldanga

Going by existing condition of local transportation and availability of connectivity options, then Beldanga transportation services can be certainly termed as pretty reliable. Starting first with local transportation, then there are more than decent number of auto rickshaws plying all across the town. Hence today in Beldanga town one can get auto rickshaw just as easily as in any other cities of India. That said, total numbers of auto rickshaws available in Beldanga town is still obviously way less than big metropolitan cities. Now coming to connectivity, then through state run buses and train services Beldanga town is well connected to almost all important towns and cities of West Bengal state. Talking specifically about train services, then Beldanga Railway Station is directly connected to important cities like Berhampur, Murshidabad, Sealdah, Ranaghat, Lalgola, Howrah and Krishnanagar. Needless to say, everyday this station draws thousands of commuters from length and breadth of this town.

Banking Service in Beldanga

Today few nationalized banks are operating their branches in Beldanga. Apart from these nationalized banks, there are also quite a few local cooperative banks, regional rural banks and small micro finance institutions. Besides, private money lenders still continue to wield huge influence on this part of the world. Overall, considering that Beldanga is a pretty small town, then existing numbers of banks and other financial institutions do make up for a pretty reliable banking services. And in near future if few more banks do come up, then banking services can become even more self sufficient.

State Bank of India
Address: Beldanga Municipalty Building, Dist Murshidabad, West Bengal 742133
IFSC Code: SBIN0011376
Phone no: 03482-264330, 264331, 264332

United Bank Of India
Address: Vill & PO - Beldanga, Dist - Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin – 742133
Phone no: (03118) 232221

Allahabad Bank
Address: Station Road, Chhapakhana, Po Beldanga, Dist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
IFSC Code: ALLA0210773
Phone no: 03482-264036

West Bengal State Coop Bank
Address: Beldanga, P.O. Beldanga
Phone no: Not available

Union Bank Of India
Address: opp. Bs Sangha Amtala road, Beldanga West Bengal: 742133
IFSC Code: UBIN0574261
Phone no: 8016098572

Healthcare Services in Beldanga

Beldanga town depicts a very mixed picture on the front of healthcare services. Mixed because there is good as well bad scenarios existing in Beldanga’s local healthcare service. Talking first about good scenario, then today this town has no dearth of chemist shops and general doctors. At least their numbers are far, far better than they were in the past. This invariably ensures that locals here don’t have to really struggle a lot to buy life saving drugs or to get done a medical checkup. Now coming to bad scenario, then this town has dearth of hospitals. Actually any town’s or city’s quality of healthcare services is purely judged by presence of well equipped hospitals. And on this critical front Beldanga town surely does not fair very well.

Hospitals in Beldanga

All that Beldanga town has is few government hospitals (including primary and community healthcare centers) and few decently equipped private hospitals. That’s about it. Apart for them people of Beldanga have no other choice in hospitals. This not so favorable situation obviously compels Beldanga patients to flock to other cities – especially for complicated operations and surgeries.

Hospitals in Beldanga

Beldanga Rural Hospital
Address: Netaji Park Road, Near Netaji Park, Beldanga Bazaar Para, Beldanga- 742133
Phone no: (3118) 264102

Beldanga Primary Health Centre
Address: 7/34, Station Road, Near Beldanga Police Station, Beldanga- 742133
Phone no: (3118) 264046

Chemist Shops in Beldanga

Papiya Medical Agency
Address: Cinema Hall, Harihar Para, Cinema Hall Road, Beldanga, Murshidabad - 742133
Phone no: +(91)-9732599566

Halder Pharmacy
Address: Station Road, Beldanga, Murshidabad - 742133
Phone no: +(91)-9232475177

Modern Medicine Centre
Address: College Road, Murshidabad Road, Beldanga - 742133
Phone no: +(91)-9732889931

Jibandeep Medical
Address: Collage Road, Beldanga, Murshidabad - 742133
Phone no: +(91)-9046045278

Nashima Medical Stores
Address: College Road, Murshidabad Road, Beldanga, Murshidabad - 742133
Phone no: +(91)-9153002848

New Drug Agency
Address: Hutpara, College Road, Beldanga, Murshidabad - 742133
Phone no: +(91)-9153549680

Safety and Security in Beldanga

Peace and harmony are so deeply imbedded in Beldanga day to day life that its local police station hardly has to do anything to keep law and order in control. However, Beldanga’s local police station does come into action when any crime does take place. However, most of the crime taking place here are vey pity and non serious in nature. If we’ve to put everything in more simple words, then all we’ve to say is that Beldanga’s local people don’t even have to spare a thought to their safety and security. This town and city is just as safe and secure as most of the Indian cities and towns are.

Beldanga Police Station: 03482 264100

Beldanga in a glance

Country : India
State : West Bengal
District : Murshidabad
Total area: 3.98 Sq. Km.
Population: approximately : 29,205
Popular languages spoken: Bengali, Hindi and English

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